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Club Penguin Music Jam Extended!

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Hello Penguins! Sk8tergrl483 here! Today when I checked the community blog today, I saw billybob had posted an article about extending the Music Jam until July 5th! I told you guys! Look here for when I called CP and they told me about the extention :) Anyways in addition to that, Billybob posted a video which you can view here :)


So what do you think about the extention? Do you think the Music Jam is way to long?(By the end of it it will have been up for 19 day 0_o) I think it's fair to extend the Music Jam, but not for an extra 8 days. Yea I know CP was down for 3 days for me (i don't know about you guys ^_^), but still 19 days? Also (one last thing) Do you like how CP is finally listening to our suggestions? Please remember to give me your opinion in a comment below and don't forget to rate this article if you liked it :) FUN FACT: After this party is over it will be the longest in CP history. The shortest party was the beta party of October 25, 2005 which was only 2 hours long!

Waddle On CPL!


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