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The Adventures Of Meeting Taylor Swift

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It was a long day of lifeguarding, but finally 6 hours out in the sun keeping swimmers safe was done. I decided that because I had had such a long day, a pizza would be nice. As soon as I got into the Pizza Parlor I saw my friend Jamie. We sat down and had pizza.


I loved the pizza parlor decorations during festivals like the Music Jam and I always couldn’t keep my eyes off the decorations, they were just so fascinating. At the Music Jam, the Pizza Parlor was covered in guitars, and records. One certain guitar caught my eye and I decided to go look at it at a closer view.


As I got closer and closer I saw a name on the gold plaque inside the glass box. “Taylor….swift… :O”

“IT’S TAYLOR SWIFTS GUITAR!” I exclaimed excitedly. I am a huge fan on Taylor and have always loved her guitars.


So I stared at it for a while and then went back to my table where me and my friend ordered some pizza.


We tipped the waitress and left to go to the Cove, but I was stopped when I saw a sign


“Hey Taylor’s performing Here!” I said to my friend but unfortunately she had to go, so I said goodbye and waited for taylor to come Soon she came on the stage and opened with her hit single “Mine” The crowd went wild.


I was enjoying myself at her concert when all the sudden, she stopped and spoke. “In my hand, I have two VIP passes to go to my house after the show. Catch them now!” said Taylor. I was so excited because I got one and the girl sitting next to me got one too! I was going to go to Taylor’s house!


Taylor lived in a mansion; she had a bowling alley, a wishing well, a HUGE TV, and even a place for her band to practice. “Woah Taylor this house is AMAZING!” I exclaimed.


The reason she had a bowling alley in her house was because she really enjoyed bowling! “Let’s bowl guys!” said taylor


We bowled for a long time (And I’m not exaggerating). It was defiantly a lot of fun and I will never forget all the funny moments we had! We were so fun to hang out that she actually invited us to PREFORM with her later that day!


Then she backed up so much that she fell into a well! Right before her next show too!


“We need to help taylor!” Said the other girl who got the pass. I couldn’t think of anything I might have that would help, until I remembered the lasso in my inventory! “Get out your lasso!” I said.



So we both luckily had lassos and be pulled Taylor out of the well. “Thank you so much!” She said. “But now, It’s time to rock! To THE FOREST!”


The end!


Thank you to our cast: Jamie 5156 as the friend and Taylor, Jess519 for the waitress and the other girl who had the pass, and Kimber2004 for being our drummer J


So what do you think of our story? I’m sorry if you don’t like taylor swift that much but I love her music J Please remember to comment if you have an idea for another story and don’t forget to rate if you liked it!




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