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EPF Field Op Mission #62

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When I logged into Club Penguin today, I noticed Gary needed our help. I quickly rushed over to HQ prepared for the worst. "What's wrong Gary?"


"The Island is still secure, so we're allowing Agents to help out with the New Years celebration. Ive loaded fireworks into the EPF's defense cannons. Find a good spot, and launch them. Let's start 2012 with a bang!"


ok. That's good. No one's hurt :D. Let's go to Ski Hill. I know fireworks are launching there!



Play the Mini-game




"Well done Agent. I know that using the defense cannons for fireworks is a bit strange,  but it's also good practice. Thank you for all of your hard work this year. You have proven to be an exceptional Agent, and I am proud to work with you. Happy New Year!"


Awww. Thanks Gary!  I am proud to work with you too, it was fun! What will 2012 have in store for us?


Happy Holidays CPL!


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