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Club Penguin Mission Cheats 11 | Veggie Villan

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Here are the cheats for Club Penguin Mission 11; Veggie Villan


1. You will end up in HQ. Talk to G

2. Go to the Gift Shop

3. Talk to Rookie. Then pick up the corn seeds

4. Go upstairs

5. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy. Then pick up the corn seeds

6. Answer your spyphone

7. You have got disconnected. Go to HQ!!! You need to go through Sport's shop..

8. Code Red??? lol Talk to Gary, Herbert, and basicly anyone else in the room...

9. Go into Ski Village

10. Talk to the penguins, and Rookie

11. Go into Lighthouse

12. Under the piano, pick up the cd, and on the shelf next to it, pick up the cleaning supplies. ***OPTIONAL*** pick up the can on the other side of the Lighthouse if you want an additionanl prize. With that can, go to the Dock, fill it up with water, take it into Gary's lab. Then put it into the special test thingy. Pull the lever, and it goes into the chamber. Then press the snowflake button, and then pull the lever. Take out the peice of ice and go up to the Beacon. Talk to the worker and give him the peice of ice. Take the lense, and take it to Ski Village and talk to the brown penguin... well that's it for the extra part :)

13. Take the CD to Ski Village

14. There's a CD box on the right of the screen. Click on it.

15. Put the CD in the CD player

16. Talk to Rookie

17. Go back to the CD player.

18. Talk your wrench out of your spyphone

19. Take the wrench to the little box on the right of the CD player then click. The box will open

20. This panel, you choose colors and then click check. Depending on what color rings you get around the buttons (Red, yellow, green) Your ultimate goal is to get all four buttons to have a green ring  around all them.

21. When you get all the buttons green, it will say it's coming from the mine. Go there.

22. When you're at the mine go into the corn field.

23. Ever heard of Corn Maze? Yea that's what this is...

24. Follow the trail of corn, until you reach a big pile of it. Pick up the piece of paper. You will end up with four

25. Then you have two paths to choose from. Choose the paths with the footprints until you reach the end. You need to pick up all of the notes on the way. At the end pick up the board.

26. Retrace your steps.

27. Once you reach the large mound of popcorn, go through the paths in this order:

Watering can, kernals of corn, Fertilizer, hot sauce, and coffee beans 

28. Once to the river, put the plank of wood down. then go accross it.

29. Put a kernal of popcorn inside a torch.

30. Climb up the ladder

31. Talk to Herbert

32. Pull the plug on the computer

33. You end up in HQ. Talk to G

34. Click on the Orange Book on the shelf

35. Click on the board that pops out. Then click help

36. Click on the colors until they match the outer ring. This is tricky, but you'll get it.

37. Click on Dot

38. Reciev you're snowglode, and medal

39. If you click on the red button on your snowglobe, you get free sunglasses!!!



Well I guess that's the end of the PSA!!! Awwwwww...... ;-) 



#14 Dannii 2012-10-16 13:54
where are the penguin's new lenses?
#13 kent 2012-07-31 08:07
You can fill the can in two ways: 1.get the can and click it on the sea 2. go to the machine and once the can is in the box, click the water button.
#12 happy272 2011-08-09 06:54
i still can not complete this mission where do you get the plank of wood from and the rest of the paper?????????? ??
#11 Tgbw 2011-07-11 22:55
where is the dumb paper and would
by the way good spell checking Ryan
#10 ; 2011-05-29 22:12
i dont know how to put the cd in =(
#9 tigertale1 2011-04-10 20:00
i cant get the glasses
#8 saddy 2010-09-30 01:12
i can't unlock the colour box!!!!!!
#7 thunderous 2010-08-26 02:59
#6 Awsomestguyy 2010-07-20 21:43
I can't unlock the the colour thing
#5 bigman13456 2010-07-20 11:45
i didnt get the snowglobe!

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