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EPF: Herbert's Revenge: Mission 2

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Hey Guys! Here's the second mission of Herbert's Revenge: Secret Of The Fur:


  1. You will end up in EPF HQ
  2. Talk to the Director, he will give you a spy gadget
  3. Go over to Gary, and talk to him
  4. The second icon on the right hand side is your spy gadget. This contains lots of tools
  5. In you spy gadget, you have a wrench. Take out the wrench and drag it to the machine.
  6. Tighten the bolt
  7. G says something about snake tokens which I'll tell you about later.
  8. Answer No questions Gary, I'm ready to go, and click on the machine
  9. Talk to Gary
  10. Look at the fur analyzer.
  11. Take out your spy gadget. Take out the comb, and comb the fur until it goes through. Let it load. Go out of it.
  12. Go into the fur analyzer again, and put in the fur. Let it load.
  13. It didn't find the fur type! Oh no! But it did find three different substances: Hot Chocolate, Hot Sause, and Jet Pack Fuel. Go out and talk to Gary.
  14. Go out and find larger samples of the Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, and Jet Pack Fuel, but before you go find the AC 1000 invention on one of the shelves labled "prototypes" and put it in your dock.
  15. Go to the Pizza Parlor.
  16. Talk to the Pizza Penguin.
  17. Get the Hot Sauce and Chocolate.
  18. Go to the Coffee Shop
  19. Talk to the bartender. .
  20. Ask for hot chocolate. The penguin will say no, so go and fix it.
  21. Get the cup and put it in your dock.
  22. Add chocolate where the cup says insert chocolate.
  23. Turn the dial on the right to hot instead of cold.
  24. Take the wrench tool out of your spy gadget, and connect the milk tube back to the coffee maker.
  25. Put the cup under the hot chocolate, and press the button. Put the cup in your dock. Get out of the coffee maker. The Bartender will thank you.
  26. Go to the Lighthouse. Talk to the penguins.
  27. Go up to the Beacon.
  28. Go over to the Jet Pack game, and take out the AC 1000. The balloon will come to you.
  29. Take out the scissors from your spyphone. Cut the wire on the balloon off. Pick up the fuel and put it in your dock.
  30. Go back to Gary.
  31. Take the Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, and the Jet Pack Fuel, and put it in the funnel for the weird looking goggles.
  32. EXTRA!! SNAKE TOKEN: With the gogles on, go to the snowforts. Then click on the big pile of snow, you can see a jackhammer. Click on your puffle whistle, and call the purple puffle. Click on her to blow a bubble to move away the snow. Once the snow is moved, pick up the jackhammer. Drag the jackhammer to the dirt on the ground and complete the mini-game to earn you snake token.:
  33. Take the goggles, and put them in your dock. Turn them on by clicking on them.
  34. Go to the Plaza, and follow the footprints. They lead to Ski Lodge.
  35. Go outside through the door.
  36. There's a monster! Ahhhhhhhh! Go back inside.
  37. Go to the Beach. Grab one of the nets outside by the fish.
  38. Go inside the Lighthouse. Go over by the boat, and click on the rope. Put the rope on top of the net in your dock.
  39. Go back to Ski Lodge, pick up the candle by the couch, and go back to the monster.
  40. Set up your trap, and put the candle in it.
  41. We caught a crab. But wait, the monster left another tuft of hair behind. Grab it, and take the crab with you back to Gary.
  42. Go back to Gary in HQ.
  43. Give Gary the crab.
  44. Put the clean tuft of hair in the hair analyzer. Let it load.
  45. The monster was a Polar Bear!


Here's the complete video for Herbert's Revenge Mission 2:



#14 Malik 2012-12-21 18:04
Hey I am new to the club penguin world...and I want to say that you are really helping :)
#13 LKSharrygirl 2011-11-05 06:00
there are 10 i have completed the game and are getting all of the snake tokens now
#12 mazie 2011-06-27 11:23
i think there are 10 if that helps :-)
#11 mazie 2011-06-27 11:23
i think there are 10 if that helps :-)
#10 AGENT X 0608 2011-01-16 21:55
#9 monkey10105 2010-12-30 20:39
thx 4 helping
#8 monkey10105 2010-12-30 20:39
thx 4 helping
#7 Sansior2 2010-08-08 06:38
#6 random penguin 2010-07-06 14:55
what do you gat with all the snake tokens please reply!!!!!
#5 ---- 2010-07-03 10:30
I am so upset.
I collected most of the SNAKE TOKENS by using cheat sites and then I turned my NintendoDS off.
When I went back on I lost them all again!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

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