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EPF Mini-Mission 3

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I can't believe it's been three weeks since our first field op! I have a lot of Feild Op medals... hopefully i can get the EPF uniform! Anyway there's a new field op today. Go to the EPF Command Room to get started. Then click on the yellow board.


1. G will tell you that an old spyphone has been found large lightbulb and to destroy it ASAP!

2. Click on Accept

3. Go into the mine caves room 1.

4. Click on the big lightbulb

5. Click on your spyphone

6. Play the mini-game. This is the same mini-game as the first Feild op. Destroy the circits by clicking on the same shape.

7. You have now completed EPF: Mini-Mission 3! You get another medal to earn different EPF uniforms! This week I got the Alpha! It's so cool!


I wonder how long it'll take before we all get both uniforms... and will they add some new items to the catalog?



#1 henery 2010-07-03 10:13
u stink this does not work!

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