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EPF: Mini-Mission 4

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There's a new feild op out today. Go to the command room and click the yellow board to get stared



1. Read your assignment and click accept



2. Go to Ski Lodge and up to the Attic

3. Go over to the couch


4. Answer your spyphone



5. Play the mini-game. Play the mini game. To do this you must take your mini battery and take it to all four unloading stations. You will run out of battery on your mini battery so you must make your way back to the place you started... the charging dock. Also watch out for the zappy thingys... they will decrease your battery. :)



6. You will earn another medal, and if your a member you can get some cool EPF gear! Awesome!



I hope that Club Penguin evenually makes different puzzles because it will get boring doing the same puzzle over and over.. also i want them to ventually get harder. :) Please?



#3 mimi 2011-01-28 14:02
#2 crazy 2010-07-07 22:40
Well i got all the elite gear! And even they said they wil give Puffles too!
#1 cristhian q 2010-07-07 07:00
good work

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