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EPF: Mini-Mission 9

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There's a new feild op out! To start go to the command room and yellow board to get started:



1. Read and accept your mission



2. Go to the Stadium for the "cash registar"



3. Click on your ringing spyphone

4. Play the mini game. For this one you must bypass the firewall. Use the arrow keys to match the pictures!



5. You have now finished Feild Op 9!


Wow 9 of them already :) seems just like yesterday Herbert was sending a popcorny mess to HQ ;-)



#5 Lollamepen 2010-08-14 01:39
awww T_T
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#4 sk8tergrl483 2010-08-11 13:27
I'm sorry I don't have time
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#3 tetry 2010-08-10 17:26
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#2 etyhhy 2010-08-10 17:26
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#1 Lollamepen 2010-08-09 22:59
sk8tergrl485 can you add me on club penguin??? Lollamepen :-)
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