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EPF: Mini-Mission 13

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THere's a new field op out today! Go to the command room and read your assignment!


1. Go to the command room

2. Read your assignment and click accept



3. Go to the forest

4. Go down the rock

5. Go over by aqua grabber

6. Answer your spyphone



7. Play the mini-game. TIP: to make it to the end always go to the middle



You have earned a medal!

Pretty cool! Up next there's even MORE stamps! This isn't taking long at all!



#1 Viktoriya 2012-03-20 00:42
Minybuddie, how did he copy DQ'S one? It's not Dq's .. It's Club Penguin's. Oh, and do you remember? This guy is in Club Penguin Exclusives. The guy who kept enletidg all our posts. He completely edited mine once .
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