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EPF: Mini-Mission 30!!

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The big 3 0 hits with EPF missions :) I wonder if this means a REAL mission soon.... it sure is close though I can feel it :)


Anyways there's a new field op out. Here's what the board says:



Sure! Anything to help you Gary! Let's go to the Ski Hill! CAUSE BABY YOUR A FIREWORK!!! LOL!



Do the challenge



Congrats! You have earned one elite medal!



#2 lilbug 2011-01-19 13:28
ha ha the second person to comment!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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#1 Memadez 2011-01-12 11:05
Haha first person to comment!!!!! Yes, my dear agents ts Easy.....but it still like other missions, has its challenges!!!
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