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EPF: Mini-Mission #38!

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There's a new field op. How can I help Uncle Gary?



"Herbert and Probot have seemed to have gone quiet again. Now is the time to gather inteligence. Let's turn our attention to the crabs. Work together to look for signals where crabs can be found."


Ok uncle gary. I know there are crabs down in the mine... How about we look there:


Singal Detected! Break the code! Scan symbols to find the right combonation. Green = symbol correct. Yellow = Symbol is in the wrong spot. Red = Symbol is wrong.



Rookie! " Hey fellow Elite Agent, good work finding this signal! Here's what it said: "Click click clickety! 0_0 Click ka-lick. =P" I'm 36% sure this is from a crab. I'm going to try translating it. Wish me luck!"



Well good luck rookie.... ummm have fun with that :) I'm just glad you are ok :) I'm happy herbert didn't do anything to you :)



#1 meeeeeeeeee 2011-04-01 18:14
good for ya

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