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Puffle Party 2010 Sweet Cheats!

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This party is awesome! There's two free items... like usual, one is for all, and the other one is for members only. Here's how to find them both:


The first one is the Puffle Hat for everyone

1. Go to the Plaza

2. Go to the box full of hats



You have now found the Puffle Hat! Be sure to pick it up!

But wait there's more! There's a shirt for members that goes with the hat. Here's how to find it:

1. Go to Ski Village

2. Go inside the Puffle Show room


3. Go to the box full of shirts



You have now found the Puffle Jacket!

The room that you have enter if you haven't already knowticed is the Puffle Show! This is my favorite members only room that CP has every come out with! Here's the room:


I will definatly be hanging in there a lot! LOL!

So what do you think of the Puffle Party? Make sure to check out the entire party!



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