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Mountain Expetition Is Here!

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It's finally here! All the fun and adventures are finally here! This will be a very fun adventure! Let's get started!


First if you end up at the Town:



Click on the poster at the bottom of the page. You will end up like this click go there:



And you will end up at Ski Village:


Go inside the Mountain Expedition for the start of an amazing adventure:



Now you can do three things here. For everyone you can get a Chilly Trek Hat. Here's how to find it:

1. Go inside the Mountain Expedition

2. Go to the box marked free near the tent




You have now found the Chilly Trek Hat! You can also look at a climbing catalog. Click on the paper in the bottom right hand corner:



And you can just go up the path to start your adventure. You will end up in this cave:



You will have to move all the icicles... This can take a while but you wont ever have to do it again.. You'll see in a little bit. You will earn a stamp:



After you do the puzzle go through the Icicles and end up here:



Then you will travel up the path to this next challenge:



There's two things you can do here.. One: finish the challenge. Here's how to do it:


1. Mouse over the snow at the top

2. Click on the branch

3. Keep clicking the branch until the ax is uncovered

4. Click the ax

5. Chop the tree until it's cut

6. Throw a snowball the the icicles until they fall

7. Go accros the log bridge


The second thing you can do it access a secret room. Just go down the bottom right hand side of the screen to this place:



Pretty cool right? Now just go back and up the tree bridge to the top!



You can pick up two things: Flag and background. Here's how to find the flag:


1. Go to the top of the mountain

2. Click on the flags



You have now found the Flag!

Here's how to find the Background:


1. Stay at the top of the mountain

2. Click on the red button on top of the camera:



You have now found the Mountain Background!


Now the last thing is if you go down to the bottom of the mountain there's a ladder that will take you to the top:



And if you go inside the ice cave you can click a red button to move all the icicles!



I will have so much fun doing all of the fun activites and having lots of fun with friends!



#2 lizzy53366 2010-08-21 11:28
it was a bit easy my sister uesd chets
#1 lizzy53366 2010-08-20 16:02
i thougt the mountin was going to stay there longe than that but it didnt so to bad

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