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Club Penguin Puffle Launch Game Advertisements!

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Wow! As soon as I logged onto CP today, I was bombarded with constant advertisements for the new app Puffle Launch! Here's a log in screen of it:


Looks like it will be avalible September 15th! I will DEFINATLY be getting this :) I own an iPod Touch, and will be showing you what it is like!


Also there's two new videos on the Community Blog with the advertisements for the Puffle Launch. You can watch these videos by clicking the links below :)


And also, CP has created a page just for their applications :) Looks like soon there will be more games avalible for download to your iDevices :) Hopefully later on, these applications will be able to run on android devices and some other brands of mobile phones :)



I really like this idea, not only because I have an iPod, but because now if nonmembers want to play the FULL VERSION of Puffle Launch and they buy it, they can now play the ENTIRE version :) Hopefully the game is not laggy and is good quality, but we will find that out as soon as it hits the App store, September 15th :)



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