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My Conclusions Of the Theory Of Rookie and the Party.....

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In this week's edition of the Club Penguin Times, we see a new version of the classic play "Twelfth Fish". The 'anonymous' writer tells us in the interview that "well actually I AM sort of a Rookie. But I'm not a rookie rookie" By this statement, I have concluded that Rookie will be in town next week at the opening of the play.

This is also supported by this picture, it has all of Rookie's features: the sunglasses, the green:



Also on the Club Penguin Blog, we learned this month, a famous penguin will visit. Hmmmmm Rockhopper just left so it can't be him, so who says Rookie can't fill that spot?



Also there have been suspicions about the party. I think that it will be an underwater party where the entire left hand side of the island is underwater. Why? Well Happy 77 posted a sneak peek on Club penguin's Youtube channel. In it, it showed the island sinking, along with this:



a poster. Of what? WATER!

Also we all know by now that the pins, furniture and clothing forshadow the future event/party that is coming up. The Twelfth Fish FISH FISH FISH..... where do fish live? In the water!This play could also be part of the sneak peek.  What is in the Clothing Catalog? Swimsuits, diving gear, lifeguard equiptment etc.

I think this is enough proof to say that my theory is correct and that the Under Water party will come back, and Rookie will be here.


Fun fact: The last time there was an underwater party was in 2008 when Rockhopper's ship was hit by an iceberg and we put it back together! As a reward, Rockhopper threw together the Underwater Party, where the island was submerged in water! It was fun!


Waddle On CPL!




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