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Medieval Party Setup and Clues!

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It's that time of year again where everything becomes magical.... and sometimes scary! ANYWAYS Club Penguin posted to the blog a few days ago saying they will be giving hints to the party! Sweet! Look at this map and the places of interest :)


Then another clue:


No hearoes could arise from the Town to defend me. Yet if any try this is where they will start the long journey to my Mountain


Looks like another quest :D


And another clue


This Royal Kingdom was once prosperous but easily ruined. If heroes rise from here again, I will crush them with no mercy.....



Along with that a new log in screen is here



And the Beach has become filled with magical mushrooms!



The Mountain has some pointy rocks too



So what do you think is up with all of this? Do you think herbert has anything to do with it? Are you excited? Leave me a comment and I'll respond back too :)

Waddle On CPL!



#2 bcguy33 2013-01-02 15:58
why your sendeng a ninja team?
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#1 chrisredd 2012-05-19 16:07
hey im making a team to deafeat scorn oh and an ninja team to and sent you a friend request if you want to join be my buddy chrisredd oh and ive unlocked all the universal cheats thx
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