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Club Penguin Sends Other Club Penguin Bloggers HUGE Sneak Peeks!

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First off I cannot take credit for what I'm about to show you. I will post links to the penguins who made this possible to get this sneak peek.


Ok so Club Penguin sent other blogger such as Mimo777 and Club penguin, or Saraapril at They noticed that a bunch of the blogger got sneak peeks of Herbert's Cave in mission 11 that is soon to come out very soon. They decided to put all of the pictures together and see what they come up with. Five of the many pictures together. Cena12121, Mimo777, Saraapril, Jman93, and Club Penguincp put this one together. Here's what it looks like:



Those are just five of the many people who got the sneak peeks. Now other penguins decided to put their sneak peeks together. Here's Ruben007, and Pin Wii's sneak peeks combined:



Lebron Jr 23's picture and Monkeydude and Jeepkid7's pictures combined:



Billybob's and Lux1200 combined:



I really like how they all worked together. I didn't get one... probably because this site is new, but if I do get one I'll be sure to tell you.

Thank you to all of the hard working penguins who helped make this wonderful sneak peek. I cannot take credit for this.


Thanks you to:



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