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Even MORE Club Penguin Game Day Pictures And Trailer!

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Today I found out even MORE information on Club Penguin Game Day. Not only did I find pictures, but I found the trailer too. You can find this at this link. The trailer's pretty cool. I will definatly get this once it comes out!

Anyway. Here's the picture's I found:


Looks Like Gary will be part of this too! Lol I wonder what he'll be doing:



Streaching? Idk lol:



Snowman drawing? I'd be bad at this :P :



Dance Competition? Candence? I bet she's a part of the game too! This looks like fun:



What did I tell you... I was right! Cadence:



Dancing+Happy/sad emotes=Yellow Puffles? lol:



Pretty green sugarplum fairies! lol!



Snowball throwing at snowmen? Not nice XD!



That's it! I can't wait until this comes out! More links below at other info about Club Penguin Game Day:

Club Penguin Comes To Wii In September!

Club Penguin Comes To Wii!

More Information On Club Penguin Game Day Wii!



#5 aaaaa 2012-08-26 20:03
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#4 Zemima 2010-11-05 18:37
ha im so going to get that sick game !!!! Oh man!!
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#3 sharkcloy 2010-09-20 17:25
I can't wait to get that game!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
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#2 Cutie12390 2010-09-15 15:05
This game looks so fun! The racing game with puffles looks intesting... Mabye its puffles cheering for penguins? The dancing looks pretty fun. The fairies one looks a little strang... Maybe you have to help them turn to normal... Or maybe it is for some kind of weird sport? I dont know what it is, but i guess ill just have to wait to find out. The snowman one looks kind of strange... Why would you have a snowball fight with snowmen?! Maybe it starts to get warm and you have to keep them from melting? Or you could be building a snowman a weird way. Or maybe its magical and it wants to have a snowball fight with you! Its evil! lol! You know how in that one picture you said that the penguins may be stretching? Well you could be right, or they could but waving to they're fans, but maybe they are waving to they're family. Or maybe it's a special waving sport! lol! Sorry that this post is getting super long. Aaah! Still talking! Cant stop! lol! Well, better go before this post gets as big as the world! lol! Well, bye!
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#1 Cutie12390 2010-09-15 14:54
Im going to get club penguin game day the day it comes out!:-) So excited!!!
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