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Card Jitsu Water PROOF!!!

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Ok so I got thinking with all of this going on some people probably don't think it's true... You know about card jitsu water... There's a lot of rumors going around so here's some proof that Card Jitsu Water is coming:


One: Since the Halloween party ended, the storm has stayed. What could this mean? Rain? Tornado? Hurricane? All these have to do with water or Card JITSU water :)



Two: Even the CLOTHING Catalog has rainy clothes!!! This is also proof :)



Three: There's even a LOG IN SCREEN!!! It says Ninjas, get ready for a new challenge!!!



Four: If you click on the log in screen, you get taken to a membership page... Have you looked at the address?



its says: cjwater1_recruit!!! Do you know what this means? I do!!!


And if four isn't good enough for you what about this last piece of proof: when you're on the membership page theres this:



Discover the mysteries and legends about being a ninja!!!


So is this enough proof for you? There's probably more to it but I didn't knowtice :) I can't wait for Card Jitsu Water can you?



#4 reaper team 2011-09-17 16:26
hi guys how r we doing honestly cp is better than evrey thing ellese in life
#3 Llama 2010-11-12 12:47
There's a vid go to
#2 CPU0 2010-11-11 02:57
It's raining at Club Penguin right now...
If you go to the Ninja Hideout there is a huge water puddle on the Water Element... But not any others! There's some more proof =]
#1 hi 2010-11-10 17:58

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