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September 2010 Sports Catalog Cheats :):):)

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With the new Penguin Games we have to have some new equiptment right? This catalog also has the Yellow Cheerleaders! Yayy!



Here's how to find the Blue Sneakers:

1. Go to the first page

2. Click on the Blue Cheerleader's beak



You have now found the Blue Sneakers!

Here's how to find the Red Sneakers:

3. Stay on the first page

4. Click on the Red Cheerleader's foot



You have now found the Red Sneakers!

Here's how to find the white pom-poms:

5. Go to the second page

6. Click on the Yellow Cheerleader's beak



You have now found the White Pom-Poms!

Here's how to find the Yellow Sneakers:

7. Stay on the second page

8. Click on the Yellow Cheerleader's foot



You have now found the Yellow Sneakers!

Woah check out the tracksuits!



Do you like the new catalog? Atleast it has more cheats than last time =D



#8 Tutu65155 2010-12-01 17:18
I need to know how to get the blue cheerleader pom poms. There blue!
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#7 Hales1361 2010-11-27 13:16
Blue is the best from east to west!!
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#6 asasa 2010-10-20 11:09
thats for a member ship i need this for free
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#5 patches36 2010-09-27 08:22
ugh i dislike blue team im totally team yellow thanks a whole lot i found the white pompoms
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#4 diasel 2010-09-26 09:43
i want to no where do u get the blue pom poms
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#3 foxy225 2010-09-25 01:01
i think its awsome lol :D
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#2 Mintpenguin 2010-09-24 19:04
Awesome! Ans Thany you SOOOO much! :-):-):-):-):-)
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#1 Snowangel23 2010-09-23 22:41
This is awesome!!!!!! I love this new catalog cause it's sooo new. They started the new catalog in MAY!!!! Long Time Ago.... xD they haven't got a new one in the last 4 months!! Imagine a old catalog, (everyone) bought everything in the catalog, then 2 months later, THEY'RE BORED cause they don't have a NEW CATALOG! LMAO....!!!! xD I LOVE THIS NEW CATALOG!! If only we could type/write our suggestions to Billybob (xD)
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