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Club Penguin Times Issue #200

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Well, tomorrow's the day for the new party! Sk8tergrl483 and I found some interesting things in today's newspaper that might spoil tomorrows party;-) Ok so first take a look at the picture below. There are two things that might be in tomorrow's party.


Festival of Flight

Festival of Flight


Find them? Well the first one is the picture of the penguin wearing the green propeller cap. See since penguins can't fly, we need a way to get up to the tallest mountain A.K.A base. Second, look at the text it says (we at least what I underlined): Hover with your own jetpack! Maybe meet the famous inventor!

Does this mean that we will be able to get all this good stuff??? I think sooo...


Underwater Adventure

Underwater Adventure


Next thing.... the Underwater Adventure play will be coming August 21 - September 10. Sounds pretty cool.


Other Events

Other Events


And last the upcoming events:


Festival of Flights: August 14 - 18

Underwater Adventure play: August 21 - September 10

August 21 - September 17: New better igloos catalog.

August 14 - 26: Collectible pin


Sound pretty cool!!! I wonder what will be in store for us tomorrow morning!!!


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