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Wow... tomorrow is the new Festival Of Flights party, and I think that it's pretty cool to be able to see Club Penguin floating.


Last week Club Penguin wanted to know: What are some of the creative ways you'll be helping Gary to prepare for lift off in the Underground Pool area?


The team had a lot of cool choices, but they picked Limeg6 who said: There is a lot of ways we can help Gary. These are the ways I will be using! First I will blow up balloons with the Super Helium. Next I will use my propeller to lift Club Penguin off the ground! Then I will fill up hot air balloons. I would tie balloons around everything! I will tie a balloon to the Iceberg and everywhere!



Wow that's quite an answer Limeg6, thanks!


This week's question is:  If you could write a script for an Underwater Adventure, what would it be about?

The party is going to be from August 14 - 18, and then on the 20th, we will be able to go and see a brand new play called Underwater Adventures. I can't wait!!!



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