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Last week Club Penguin wanted to know about the most challenging adventure you had to do in Club Penguin. Here's what Fun Boy Fun said:


The hardest for me was the yeti cave! I got soo confused! With everybody going a differnt dirction it made me really unsure where to go! I went up and down even with my buddies I got back to the starting line! It must have taken a day before me and my friends found the yeti cave! It was amazing we skated like we skate at the ice rink! We played until we got really tired! After we left we got yeti costumes as a award!


Thanks Fun Boy Fun!


This week Club Penguin wants to know what what we're enjoying most about the

Medieval Party.


I have to say the Knight's Quest 2 is the best. When I began I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I went with a group of friends and we were all stuck at puzzle 2, the big puzzle because, well we couldn't help eachother! All the puzzles were different so there was really no possible way. Once we all got through we defeated the dragon, and got our prize toothbrushes :) lol



#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-05-16 15:45
Cool! Thanks for the comment!
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#1 mac mouse 1 2010-05-14 10:48
yes that was my favorite maze i am a big believer in the paranormal and when they had it i got the yeti costume
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