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Message To Secret Agents!

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Hey secret agents!

I know we all have been waiting long and hard for this day to come... and we are all excited for May 18! That is the day the new mission is coming out. Yup on Monday! I can hardly wait!!! Yea anyway. Remember when I found a secret message in the Newspaper a couple weeks ago? If you don't go here. Well looks like the PSA found out and sent us another secret message. Here's how to find it:

1. Go to page B8 in the Newspaper or the Secrets section.

2. Open up the document

3. Click on the [Classified] in the background.




You will get the same message you did when you saw the first time, only this is what the PSA added on:


Attention Agents:

Thank you for your work to decode Herbert's secret message. The Director is very pleased with your secret agent skills. But his message concerns us:


Dear Penguin Silly Agent,


Look sharp Agent... I'll see you on May 18.

-Herbert P. Bear.


Yea just a little undercover work.. The mission is definatly coming on May 18! I can hardly wait!!!


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