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Rockhopper Is Here!!!

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Yay!! The day has come! Rockhopper is here! Like always he brings us rare items. Here's what they are:



Free item: Squid Lid (We voted on this!! :))

Members Items: Jolly Rancher Flag: 200, Striped Pirarte Bandana: 375, Piratre Arm Bands: 150, and Pirate Lass: 425.


If you go down to Rockhoppers Captians Quarters you can play Treasure Hunt :)

Also if you click on Rockhopper's Knowtice  Board he has a list of what He'll do while he's on the island:



Pretty cool! If you like to find Rockhopper help us out by commenting on our Rockhopper's Comment Tracker, or try some tips for finding Rockhopper by looking at our exclusive Top Ten Ways To Find Rockhopper!


Happy Ropckhoppering!! Good Luck!



i wish next tim when you come get us t shirt or pirate boots but free items you can even get the two together i will even like you a lot plese i fyou are a good person and like people like me please rockhopper i am waiting for you captain rockhopper i am waitng for you get out now from club penguin to the place yu got everything you got before bye captain rockhopper i am waiting bye rockhopper
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