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Membership Prices Go UP?!

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Lately there have been rumors going around about higher membership prices, and today CP confirmed that the prices will increase and why they will be increasing. Club Penguin says that on July 13th, the prices for the US and Canada will be 1 month: 7.95$, 6 Month: 39.95$ and the 12 Month: 59.95$



Club Penguin also said why they are changing the prices is because of all the new features, games, content, donations to charity, and that they're going to have lots of fun stuff in the future. But in my opinion, Club Penguin has tons of bugs (which they are squashing) and with the economy in the USA, it's sometimes hard to get memberships especially for something that doesn't work properly. So that's why I'm asking you if you will pay for memberships now? I don't know about me. I hope one day (or sometime soon) CP will realize that membership sales will drop and they will drop the prices :)


Waddle On CPL!





#3 Bttf2 2011-07-09 13:39
That Giant Penguin Freaks Me Out
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#2 Bttf2 2011-07-09 13:38
Ohhh Bad Word Alert Bad Word Alert
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#1 Dance1519 2011-07-08 19:11
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