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Operation Hibernation Field Op 48!

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Hello agents!

today for the first time,we are going to try to capture Herbert. This is a step by step guide to capture Herbert.


first lets go to the hq where will meet up with the director.


It says: Operation Hibernation has begun. Your mission: enter Herbert's lair, disable his security, and install equipment to keep him in hibernation. Start by reaching the cave and powering up the comm tower inside. This will allow us to remain in contact. Good Luck.


ok now lets start the great snow race. When you come to then part where you pick up the axe and chop Down the trunk, go off to the right side where it says "EPF ONLY” and go inside



once you're inside you should see a metal tower by the bottom left-hand corner. Go there and your spyphone should start ringing. Click on it and play the Mini game :-)


Play the mini-game :)


once you are done Gary should pop up with this message:


Excellent work Agent - you successfully powered up the comm tower. Now you myst infiltrate Herbert's laie and deactivate his security system. Stay alert, I'll contact you soon.


Great - now pick up your free item and put it on. You'll be needing it in the next step :)



Now enter the maze by going through this entrance:



Once you get in, Gary will pop up with a warning message:



Make sure to put on the free head item you got! Herbert really thought if everything . He even put in a lazer maze! Make your way through the three floors of lasers. This can be tricky but if you time it just right  you should be able to make it through quickly :-)


Floor 1






Floor 3



Nice you have finished go through the Door to meet HERBERT! Oh looks! He‘s sleeping. Lets try not to wake him and klutzy.



Oh look! Another message From Gary.



Agent - you've found Herbert. Remain Calm, and please use extreme stealth from here on. I cannot teleport in the Mini-AC3000 hibernation-equipment until you disable Herbert's security grid. Find it and shut it down. We're counting on you.


Easy peasy :) Just throw snowballs at the electrical xD Now here's another message:



Excellent work. I've teleported in the parts you'll need to build a mini-AC 3000. Carefully construct it around Herbert - making sure not to wake him. Once we turn it on, Herbert will safely fall into deeper hibernation. Good Luck




cool! We're done! Oooh look! Gary stop sending me messages!



You did it Agent! You've successfully captured Herbert! He will now go into deep hibernation which he can be kept in safely for up to 10 months. That gives us lots of time to figure out what to do with him. Well Done! You and your squad have done the impossible.


Sweet Dreams Polar Bear :) Hopefully we won't have anymore problems ;-)

Sweet mission right? Thanks CP for the fun I had solving this mystery with my friends




#2 becky 2011-11-19 15:12
why ten months 3 is enough
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#1 becky 2011-11-19 15:12
why ten months 3 is enough
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