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EPF Field Op Mission #49!

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Today I finally saw my spyphone ring. I was beginning to get worried that I got fired from the EPF because we hadn't had a field op in the longest time :) So I went to the EPF Facility to check out my assignment:


With Herbert contained, we can now focus on training. This assignment with test your tech skills.... and our security. Find the Club Penguin Times archives and test our security systems by trying to break in.


Ok! Let's go down the to boiler room and try to bypass  the EPF system ;-)



Play the firewall game and beat it. Then Gary meets us and says:


Amazing work Agent! You have great deduction and computer skills. As a tech agent, you have an edge in computer defenses. But always look to your squad to protect you. Did you know we have agents on the Club Penguin Times' staff? Interesting yes?



Very intersting. They are probably there to help suddle news about the EPF get out to agents who know how to find it :)




#1 Moppet100 2011-10-01 01:45
I dont no how to get to bolier room! Pwease Welpy!

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