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Field Op Mission 50!

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Now, Club Penguin will be making a new field op every week! So happy that I can now get my training in ;-)

Anyways a new Field Op was released today. Let's see what Gary has to say:


"We need to keep our communication network secure. The best test I can of is to try breaking in ourselves. Locate our main signal transmitter, hidden in a large 'machine'. See if you can break through the EPF security."


Here is the large 'machine' lol.



And here's the mini-game: its like a matching game with geometry xD



Here's rookie with a special announcement :D


"You did it! Good work! I can't believe you got through. I guess we'll have to check if our network security is weak! Or maybe you're just too good for the job? Remember - Comm agents are great communicators. Hey wait! That must be what 'Comm' stands for!




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