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EPF Field Op Mission #66

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There's trouble on the Island! Let's see whats wrong:


"RED ALERT! The island dis tipping and many area are flooding. Suspect #1 is missing. Focus on protecting citizens. Start by making sure all flood bubble shields are at full power."


SIR YES SIR! This is really bad! This is why we don't leave Rookie in charge!

All the bubble shields except for the one that needs to be the most powerful: The one in the flooded lighthouse:




Play the mini-game to power it up to full power.

Then Gary pops up:




Well done! That bubble shield is at full power now. I installed those after the last time the island nearly sank. This is a terrible mess. But we can't worry about Herbert right now though. Focus on protecting citizens, Stay sharp."


You're right Gary, this is a terrible mess. With not only is the island sinking, but Herbert also escaped, WITH ALL THE SECURITY STILL ON. How did he manage that?



Swim on CPL!




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