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Field Op Mission 75

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There's a new field op out! Let's see what G has to say:


Here are your orders: 3 fish dish pizzas, 1 veggie pizza, 4 squid pizzas, 1 cheese pizza, and 5 desert pizzas with extra jelly beans. April fools! Just find me a giant candy cane. Seriously - that's no joke.


LOL G! Seriously let's find that candy cane.,,, in the candy room of the Box Dimension ;)



Play the mini-game



Here's rookie:



"Whoa! What the? How'd I get in here? It looks like im stuck in someone's spyphone. Cool! Whoever this is, please don't hang upyet! I'm looking for a portal out.... Okay found one! Happy April Fool's!"


Hahahahah Rookie. Clasic Classic Rookie


Waddle On CPL!



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