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Club Penguin Mission Cheats 1 | The Case Of The Missing Puffles

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Club Penguin has secret missions for their members. A lot of you have been asking for step-by-step mission cheats, and so I am going to start giving them out. Here are the cheats for Mission 1: The Case Of The Missing Puffles.


  1. You land in Aunt Artic's Igloo. Click on her, and let her speak.
  2. Go to the Ice Rink, go to the far right and pick up the pictures. Put them in your dock.
  3. Go back o aunt Artic's Igloo, and give her the pictures. Let her talk.
  4. Go to pet shop.
  5. Go to the puffle house. It has a note.
  6. Decode the note using the "CODE" thing at the bottom. NOTE: you only need to decode the last word on the first line and the second line.
  7. Go to the sports shop.
  8. Talk to G. G will ask you how many pairs of socks he has. (this is where the note you decoded earlier comes in)
  9. Enter the correct amount of socks G has.
  10. G will take you to a cabinet. Take out all the spy items.
  11. Go to the Iceberg.
  12. Use the Life-Preserver Shooter to help the stranded penguins.
  13. After you've helped all of the penguins, talk to the green one alone.
  14. Go to Ski Hill.
  15. Talk to the brown penguin crying.
  16. Fix his telescope with the wrench in your spy-phone.
  17. Look through the telescope.
  18. Focus the telescope on the Tallest Mountain.
  19. Go to the Tallest Mountain.
  20. Take out the Grappling Hook, and throw it up the mountain.
  21. Let the puffles to their thing.
  22. Get the Medal and the Letter.




#5 anikajustine 2010-07-03 01:23
i cheated so i am done with all the missions
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#4 Andreag4 2010-05-23 19:32
I done all the mission
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#3 Moiz789 the cooloest 2010-02-08 17:15
i am done all the missions.


P.S dose my butt look big
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#2 Olivia 2009-12-23 09:44
Thanks very much
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#1 taco peace 2009-08-22 08:38
i only need to pass 2 3 and 4 missions. and the one u need 2 unlock.
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