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Underwater Expedition Is Here!

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I am so excited to go visit the deep! Let's get into the cheatosss ;-) aha


Awesome Log in page


If you log in and go to the iceberg, look at what you see :O



Yup. Unfortunately, the island is tipping, just look at the east part of the island:



As you go down to the western part of the island, you see more and more water.



Also at the dock you can help pick up trash and get a background for helping clean up!



Look at Ski Village! :O



And the worst devestation on all, is our Beach. It is the most flooded.



BUTTTT, you can help untip the island by clicking on anvils, and they float out of the water! Together, let's pick up this mess!



There's also a free item. Little heavy on the head xD




For the members, the underwater maze is so cool!



Now if you don't want help, don't look at this picture, but if you are desperatly in need of help, I will help you:


First off I need to clarify, the pink arrows are BRIDGES, the blue arrows are TUNNELS. K? Everyone good? :D

1. Turn left,

2. go to the corner and go up, accross the BRIDGE

3. keep on going until you hit a wall, the turn, obviously

4. Walk until you hit the next wall, go UP

5. Go again until you hit a wall and go LEFT

6.  Go down

7. Turn and go UP

8. Follow the path, and go under a blue TUNNEL

9. Keep on going, you should go around the finish line, kinda taunting right? :P

10. Go across a bridge, then keep on going and go under a TUNNEL

11. Turn to the RIGHT and go under that TUNNEL

12. Keep on walking, and take the second UP road, not the first, the SECOND

13. Turn LEFT,

14. Go under a TUNNEL....



Way to go! You made it! Now let's take a look at the underwater cavern:



An AWESOME free item to all members!




And then if you notice something really.... weird, This cavern is filled with CRABS! Could this have anything to do with Herbert's disapearence?



Swim on CPL! xD



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