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Hop on the Runway, The First annual 2012 Fashion Show is Here!

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The Fashion show is here! Start some trends, own the runway, and starstruck bystanders. Be captivated by the bright lights, and most important, show your style! Time to Own The RUNWAY!



I honestly think CP did an awesome job decorating the Gift Shop. It is divided into purple and pink rooms, with a dressing room and a runway. I think it is an awesome combonation of epic, and pure amazingness. This is going to be ICE



Here I am, getting all prepped for my runway debut. This is gonna be awesome. Be sure to go light on the foundation, but make it so the lights will reflect my face ;-) lol



WOOT WOOT! Time for some runway style! Make sure to check out the awesome transformation of the Gift Shop now through Feb. 14!



What do you think? Like it?

Waddle On CPL!




#3 Samantha8216 2012-07-12 08:13
Gayls i just tried it it worked it is cool!
#2 CutieGal2004 2012-04-06 23:12
I Missed this party!!!! and so missing it.Naaa oh forget it!
#1 Galys 2012-03-19 17:08
thanks the way i have a cheat to say for whover is nradieg this. club penguin has a new update on their website that allows any pc (doesnt work on mac) to go on club penguin by just pressing ctrl and f4. when you press it it will immediately take you to the club penguin website. its so cool!

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