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Special Announcements From Billybob (:

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Today, on the community blog, Billybob has posted a 'blog video' about what's coming up in Club Penguin! Here's where you can view the video:


Anyways, here's what Billybob talked about during the video:

  • Android version of Puffle Launch will be here soon :)
  • Field Ops are back!
  • Puffle Hats (plush and online)
  • Updated puffle stats (like the earlier versions of the puffle stats only it will be "cleaned up a bit")
  • Notifications from puffles
  • New chat system (we beta tested it. You can view my review here :))
  • New Friend Systems :) more friends (means I can add more fans like you :D), but there IS EVIDENCE that we will not be able to have unlimited friends:


  • Halloween Party will now allow everyone to view the member's only, haunted house (Yay!!!!)
  • October 24th, Club Penguin's 6th Birthday :)


So yea! I really like seeing Lane talking to us instead of talking through text on the internet. It just seems more of an 'online conversation' rather than a report or a feedback document :) Also I LOVE every single update that will be avalible soon :) Thanks CP for listening to us more than ever! It really makes me feel good that I can imput my feedback to make CP better for everyone :D

Waddle On CPL!


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