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Fall Fair Coming Soon

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Check this out... The Club Penguin Fall Fair is coming soon to Club Penguin! Take a look inside the lighthouse.


Fall Fair Set Up

Fall Fair Set Up


And where there's the Fall Fair there's...


Rockhopper Coming To Club Penguin!

Rockhopper Coming To Club Penguin


YESS ROCKHOPPER!!! It's been a while since Rockhopper has come to visit! Check out our Rockhopper Tracker for the latest news on where he is. Also checkout the Top 10 Ways to Find Rockhopper! And also check out the new homepage when you log in...


Club Penguin Log-In Homepage

Club Penguin Log-In Homepage


Members: visit the green puffle circus... LOL! What is that?

WHAT?! NO CHEATS FOR THE SNOW & SPORTS CATALOG?! You must be joking!!! I say we protest!!! LOL!




#1 megamogan 2009-09-29 10:06
i went to the light house and nothing is there !!!!!

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